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Deflate gate skandal

deflate gate skandal

Juli Die Sperre des Quarterbacks der New England Patriots im Skandal um Untersuchung im Rahmen des "Deflate-Gate" einem Assistenten die. Mai Im Skandal um zu schwach aufgepumpte Bälle in der National Football League ( NFL) wurde jetzt die Strafe bekanntgegeben. Die New. Mai Bei dem sogenannten Deflategate-Skandal war ein mutmaßlicher Verstoß der Mannschaft von Right Tackle Sebastian Vollmer im. All paypal online casino einzahlen with dead external links Articles with dead external links from December All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from Casino basel konzerte All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases Articles casino leute specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from January Articles with unsourced spieleinstand from January It never happened," is, in the words of Nocera, "utterly convincing. All 12 Patriot footballs were underinflated". Retrieved 23 May Any agenda-less person who reads the Wells Report would come away with no other conclusion. Punishing Success and Promoting Parity". MaskGate is shocking and, well, damn good TV. It is named after the prominent Polish film producer Lew Rywinwho was a key figure. When the Patriots arrive in Arizona for spieleinstand Super Bowl, owner Robert Kraft tells reporters, "It bothers me greatly that their reputations and integrity -- and by association, that of our team -- has been called into question this past week. Retrieved March 13,

The idea, cockeyed as it is, would be that a football would be considerably easier to catch and grip if it were filled with slightly less air than usual.

Particularly in wet, chilly weather like that found on a January evening in Massachusetts. Five things to know for the Super Bowl. To the aforementioned question as to the teams using exactly the same ball -- i.

If there are weight-loss programs for overweight footballs, this would be the first I have heard of it. Naturally, conspiracy theorists could speculate that the Patriots somehow finagled a way into using a deflated ball themselves, giving Mr.

I have never heard of this accusation being made in all the years I have been following professional football. I mean, come on: However, I did indeed have awareness of a similar situation occurring in college football, as recently as As the story became increasingly less about football and more about science and legal process, it became common for the media to refer to "DeflateGate fatigue".

The Patriots were doing it. They had a system of deflating footballs after the balls were inspected by officials.

Any agenda-less person who reads the Wells Report would come away with no other conclusion. The texts were unexplainable. On September 16, , South Park parodied the Deflategate scandal in its season 19 premiere episode, " Stunning and Brave ".

In the fall semester of the University of New Hampshire offered a level course on "Deflategate". They were arrested by the NYPD for trespassing.

In April , 7 Patriots fans filed a lawsuit against the NFL over Deflategate, claiming the loss of draft picks constitutes fraud.

On February 17, , ESPN reporter Kelly Naqi reported that a Patriots ball attendant, Jim McNally, had tried "to introduce an unauthorized football"—lacking the markings found on approved footballs—into the game during the first half.

Those sources also claimed that the NFL employee was fired after the game, as he had been taking footballs intended for charity and selling them at a profit "over a period of time".

Tom Brady served a 4-game suspension. He was not allowed to have any contact with the New England Patriots, including players, coaches or facilities during the suspension.

The NFL rules committee changed the inspection rules for the 24, footballs used during the season:. They were tested on the sidelines by New York and found to have From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Deflategate Game Gillette Stadium, the site of the game. New England Patriots 45, Indianapolis Colts 7. Two Game Officials, designated by the Referee, will conduct the inspection and record the PSI measurement of each football.

Primary game balls for each team will be numbered one through 12, and any game ball within the allowable range of Any game ball that is determined to be over The same procedure will be followed with respect to the back-up set of game balls for each team.

Retrieved February 14, Retrieved December 26, Retrieved April 22, Retrieved April 25, Retrieved July 15, Retrieved 10 February Retrieved January 26, Retrieved January 24, Retrieved May 6, Retrieved April 12, Retrieved December 18, All 12 Patriot footballs were underinflated".

Retrieved January 21, Retrieved February 2, Retrieved January 29, And Gronk takes blame". Bill Belichick says Patriots have followed every rule". Retrieved May 12, Retrieved January 23, Retrieved January 22, Press Conference - YouTube".

Retrieved 5 June Retrieved January 27, Retrieved January 30, Retrieved April 13, Retrieved February 23, The New York Times. Retrieved September 20, Retrieved September 24, Retrieved May 7, Archived from the original on Archived from the original PDF on December 22, Retrieved May 11, Retrieved September 9, Retrieved September 16, Somewhere along the line, the debate over what happened in the hours and minutes leading up to the AFC championship game in January went beyond air pressure and weather conditions, and became a referendum on the character of Tom Brady and his franchise.

Retrieved 12 May Retrieved 14 May Retrieved 25 May Retrieved 23 June Retrieved July 28, New York Daily News. Retrieved July 29, The Globe and Mail.

Retrieved 29 July Retrieved July 31, Retrieved August 2, Comcast SportsNet New England. Berman yet to decide on Tom Brady settlement case".

Retrieved September 3, Retrieved October 31, Retrieved 26 April The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved July 13, National Football League Players Association , no.

Retrieved February 4, This label has been given to the attempt to corrupt the process of selecting the mayor of Jurmala, a wealthy sea-side resort in Latvia.

Civil Society Against Corruption. GMR, Infraline Energy under lens". Retrieved 23 May How it unfolded and as it develops". The Times of India.

Retrieved August 24, Retrieved December 17, Why Clinton won Monicagate". The Story of the Info. Archived from the original PDF on April 26, Retrieved 11 April Westminster row over whether Tories eat bakery products rumbles on".

Archived from the original on April 2, Retrieved March 30, Retrieved 29 March Retrieved September 21, NZNews — 3 News.

The New Zealand Herald. Retrieved September 26, Rise and Fall of Jeremy Thorpe. Retrieved January 16, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

Retrieved July 21, The firing of seven members of the White House travel office in , possibly to make room for Clinton friends — Followed by an FBI investigation of the office, allegedly opened under pressure from the White House to justify the firings.

Huffington Post South Africa. The New York Times. Retrieved March 29, Archived from the original on September 7, Retrieved September 5, Retrieved October 23, What became known as "Tunagate" erupts after this Fifth Estate report airs on 17 September Archived from the original on December 3, Updated June 3, Retrieved July 23, Retrieved October 14, Retrieved September 12, Retrieved July 29, Archived from the original on October 1, Issue raised six weeks ago".

Retrieved December 16, New York Daily News. Retrieved June 28, Retrieved February 24, Retrieved 13 September Retrieved January 21, Retrieved May 11, Swiss investigators look into 53 cases of possible money laundering".

Retrieved 27 August Retrieved December 24, Retrieved September 19, — via Huff Post. Everything we know about U. Olympic swimmers alleged robbery, so far".

Gunnar Bentz gives statement, says Ryan Lochte damaged gas station". Retrieved 17 November The Depressing, Dangerous Stories of Seatgate".

Retrieved April 2, Archived from the original on May 31, Retrieved July 5, Retrieved September 19, — via www. Retrieved August 14, Retrieved February 1, Retrieved February 4, David March 26, Archived from the original on February 24, Retrieved March 2, Archived from the original on February 25, Archived from the original on March 2, Alan Pardew reinstates Jonny Evans as captain".

Archived from the original on March 1, Retrieved May 30, Archived from the original on December 14, Retrieved September 25, An open letter to Tim Cook".

Retrieved September 29, Retrieved July 1, Retrieved 24 September Retrieved 22 September Retrieved March 18, Retrieved August 25, Retrieved December 3, Deal with it, Samsung".

Retrieved November 25, Retrieved November 22, Iain Watters speaks out as Diana Beard quits". Retrieved May 12, Aquaria went on to win the final after a three-way lip sync battle for the crown, but to be honest we never truly recovered from butterfly-gate.

And then she threw the sponge into the audience and we had butterflygate. Archived from the original on September 24, Retrieved September 16, MaskGate is shocking and, well, damn good TV.

But beyond the inevitable social media firestorm that MaskGate will stir up, it brings up general issues surrounding RPDR as a show and cultural influence.

Retrieved May 29, Retrieved 3 September Retrieved 4 September Iain and Amir shock viewers with Dingo Dollar betrayal".

Retrieved 27 January Retrieved — via YouTube. Event occurs at With tullegate resolved, the queens moved on to talk about some family matters.

Interviewed by Chad Sell. Tullegate aside, we were really feeling Raja on this particular episode! Archived from the original on May 26, Retrieved April 12, Retrieved January 28, Retrieved from " https: Archived copy as title CS1 Portuguese-language sources pt All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from November Articles with permanently dead external links Pages containing links to subscription-only content CS1 errors: Views Read Edit View history.

This page was last edited on 22 January , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Celebgate also known as "The Fappening" [13] [14] [15].

A collection of almost private pictures of various celebrities notably Jennifer Lawrence , Kate Upton , Kirsten Dunst , and Jessica Brown Findlay , many containing nudity, were leaked via iCloud and posted on the imageboard 4chan , and later disseminated by other users on websites and social networks such as Imgur and Reddit.

The controversy that erupted following the broadcast of the South Park episode " Trapped in the Closet ", a satirical parody of the Church of Scientology and some of its famous adherents, such as Tom Cruise.

Donutgate also known as "Doughnutgate". Three minutes after the producers gave their acceptance speeches, producer Jordan Horowitz announced that Moonlight was the actual winner.

Beatty explained that the envelope that was handed to him was for Emma Stone in La La Land as the winner for Best Actress , an award which she had won earlier.

PricewaterhouseCoopers issued an apology and took the blame for the fiasco. The Gamergate controversy concerns issues of sexism and progressivism in video game culture, stemming from a harassment campaign conducted primarily through the use of the Twitter hashtag GamerGate.

Nipplegate also known as "Boobgate". While performing at a concert in Stockholm, singer Lenny Kravitz squatted and his pants split open revealing his penis to concertgoers.

Two oil paintings depicting Brian Cowen , Taoiseach of Ireland, in the nude , were briefly displayed in Dublin art galleries in March as an act of guerrilla art.

Radio consultant Kieth Hill compared women artists in country music to a garnish, saying that male artists were the lettuce in our salad and "the tomatoes of our salad are the females.

The reports were revealed to be fake when, on the second night, rival station Channel Seven recorded video of the Nine helicopter sitting on the helipad outside their studios at Mount Coot-tha at the time of the broadcast.

Both Mallet and Price, as well as news producer Aaron Wakeley, were sacked by the Nine Network following the incident, and news director Lee Anderson accepted responsibility and resigned over the faked reports.

Emails that were hacked remotely from the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia were publicized by climate change denialists alleging a global warming conspiracy theory: In June , skeptic blogger Rebecca Watson revealed that a stranger had asked her out in an elevator at 4am as she was leaving the World Atheist Convention.

After stating that she found this intrusive, several opponents sent her hate mail including death threats. Further controversy arose when Richard Dawkins wrote a blog post which mocked Watson by comparing her experiences to those of women in Muslim countries.

In order to promote their university guides, book publisher College Prowler now rebranded as Niche created fake "Class of " Facebook groups. After their involvement was exposed, they removed their administrative access from the groups, admitting, "It was clearly over the line.

Hackgate also "Rupertgate" or " Murdochgate ". Allegations that the now defunct News of the World had hacked into the phones of celebrities, politicians, members of the British Royal Family , and victims of crime.

The controversy over Pakistani top journalists in the mainstream media. Rathergate also known as "Memogate". The scandal over a forged memo about George W.

The controversy over Reuters photographer Adnan Hajj manipulating news photos with Photoshop. Angolagate also known as Mitterrand-Pasqua affair.

Arms sales to the Government of Angola by the Government of France between and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie lounged in the sun with his family at a state-owned beach house amid a statewide government shutdown that closed such beaches to the public.

Christie subsequently defended his actions. Benjamin Netanyahu admitted to having an extramarital affair Allegations that Benjamin Netanyahu chose Roni Bar-On for attorney-general to please Arie Deri who was in the corruption trial.

Allegations that former United Kingdom Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith had put his wife Betsy on his payroll, without her actually doing any work.

I have people brief me on great intel every day.

Irangate or Contragate also referred to as the Iran—Contra affair. The Reagan Administration sold weapons to Iran and diverted the proceeds to the Contra rebels in Nicaragua.

This was the first scandal after Watergate to receive the -gate suffix. Though Smith later admitted that he needed to be "slightly less colourful" with his choice of language, he said that his comment was not referring to Corbyn.

The secretary, Ruth Bates, who is black, sued the city council for discrimination. The case was settled in Controversy surrounding an alleged Pakistani memo seeking the help of the Obama administration in the wake of the Osama bin Laden raid to prevent a military takeover in Pakistan.

Named after Monica Lewinsky , who had an "inappropriate relationship" with the then-U. South African political scandal in which funds were clandestinely diverted by defence minister Connie Mulder for overseas propaganda in support of the apartheid regime.

The scandal brought about the downfall of BJ Vorster. A Northern Irish political and financial scandal in which the First Minister of Northern Ireland allegedly stood to benefit from the sale of a portfolio of loans and properties by the National Asset Management Agency.

Attorney General were withdrawn due to the hiring of illegal aliens as nannies or the failure to pay taxes for them. Swedish scandal over the non-payment of employment taxes of nannies and obligatory television fees by members of the Reinfeldt cabinet.

The scandal drove the opposition to initiate impeachment proceedings against Zuma. First Minister of Scotland Henry McLeish resigned after it was revealed that while he was a Westminster Member of Parliament between and before the advent of devolution , he sublet his constituency office in Glenrothes , Fife, but failed to ensure that it was registered or that the party issued funds from the income to the House of Commons.

Ongoing political scandals in several countries, associated with the Panama Papers , a leaked set of Multinational scandal, involving several countries.

See List of people named in the Panama Papers. Montreal controversy, in which an Italian restaurant was investigated by the Quebec government for using words that do not comply with their language laws, such as "bottiglia", "calamari" and "pasta".

Scandal involving the state-owned oil company Pemex in Mexico in which funds were used to support a political campaign of the presidential candidate for the Institutional Revolutionary Party.

The name given by the press in Peru to the corruption case involving large amounts of oil. Norwegian mining company Discover Petroleum and state-owned Perupetro are involved, which shocks politicians in Peru and prompts the resignation of cabinet ministers.

The revealing, by Robert Novak , of the name of Valerie Plame. Wilson , criticizing George W. Three members of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly in India resign from their offices after accusations that they watched porn during government proceedings.

On October 7, , The Washington Post released a video and accompanying article about Donald Trump and Billy Bush having "an extremely lewd conversation about women" in In the video, Trump indicated that he might start kissing a woman that he and Bush were about to meet during the filming of an episode of Access Hollywood.

You can do anything Scandal and court proceeding involving influence peddling and abuse of privilege in regard to the sale of BC Rail to Canadian National Railways by the government of British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell , the raid of government offices in the provincial legislature building on December 28, UK scandal in which Jeremy Thorpe , leader of the UK Liberal Party , lost his position and his seat in Parliament after being accused of involvement in an unsuccessful attempt to murder an alleged former gay lover.

Thorpe was eventually acquitted, but the scandal and an unrelated personal illness ended his career. Allegations of widespread voter fraud targeting non-Conservative voters occurring during the Canadian federal election.

Robotic and live calls to voters are claimed to have been made in ridings. Refers to the allegations of Russian interference in the United States elections , and the possible collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump presidential campaign , and the subsequent presidency.

Rywingate also known as the Rywin affair. A corruption scandal in Poland , which began in late while the post-communist government of the SLD Democratic Left Alliance was in power.

It is named after the prominent Polish film producer Lew Rywin , who was a key figure. Scandal involving former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond who had been accused of sexually harassing two female aides in Bute House , Edinburgh.

Tape of a telephone conversation between Diana, Princess of Wales and a male friend. Two separate government scandals and criminal investigations on the West Coast of the United States, both involving state and local politicians, strip clubs and organized crime.

The hashtag "traingate" trended highly on social media with Corbyn responding that he hoped Virgin Trains owner Richard Branson was "well aware" of his plans to re-nationalise the railways.

Controversy surrounding the firings of White House Travel Office employees at the start of the Clinton administration. A controversy and resulting court case in South Africa involving Bathabile Dlamini and 13 other African National Congress government ministers who pleaded guilty of fraud after claiming travel benefits amounting to R, Allegations by two Arkansas state troopers that they arranged sexual liaisons for then-governor Bill Clinton.

Former Conservative Secretary of State for Education Nicky Morgan criticized May for the photo and claimed she had never spent that amount of money on anything except her wedding dress.

Canada political scandal involving large quantities of possibly spoiled tuna that were sold to the public. Australian political incident in June around the lending of a utility vehicle "ute" to Australian Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd by car dealer John Grant, and subsequent allegations of improper favorable treatment of Grant by the Treasury department.

Controversy around the rejection of an Indian gambling project submitted by three impoverished tribes in the American northlands.

The original "gate" scandal got its name from the Watergate Hotel , where two politically motivated burglaries took place in The Watergate scandal ultimately led to the resignation of U.

President Richard Nixon on August 9, Waterkantgate also known as Watergate an der Waterkant. A major political scandal in Germany.

Weiner claimed that his account had been hacked , but later admitted he sent the tweet; numerous other lewd photographs from Weiner were later revealed.

In , after he resigned from the House and attempted to return to politics by running for mayor of New York City, it was revealed that he had been involved in another sexting relationship with a woman in her early twenties.

The events surrounding a faked injury to Tom Williams of English rugby union side Harlequins in a —09 Heineken Cup quarterfinal against eventual champions Leinster.

Specifically, Williams used fake blood to dupe the referee into allowing Harlequins to send in a blood replacement , at the instigation of Harlequins coach Dean Richards and team physiotherapist Steph Brennan.

Williams later admitted that his mouth had been cut open immediately after the match in an attempt to cover up the fake injury. Richards was ultimately banned from rugby for three years and Brennan for two; Williams was initially banned for one year, but his ban was reduced to four months for his role in revealing the full extent of the scheme.

Rowdy fans of the Cleveland Browns threw plastic bottles and other debris on the field after a controversially overturned call in the final minute of the game led to the Browns losing the game 15—10 to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

In March , the NFL discovered that from to , a number of New Orleans Saints players and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams had operated a "bounty" scheme, illegal under league rules, in which defensive players received financial rewards for big plays, including those that injured offensive players.

The investigation also revealed that head coach Sean Payton knew about the scheme but took no steps to stop it. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell handed out multiple suspensions to coaches and players involved in the scheme.

Hightech brooms and new sweeping techniques allowing sweepers in curling to change the direction of the curling stone and hence significantly changing the nature of the game.

Allegations that professional darts player and 27th seed Justin Pipe coughed in the direction of opponent Bernie Smith , in order to distract and prevent Smith from throwing a match-winning double 10 during the first round of the PDC World Darts Championship.

The allegations of race fixing at the Singapore Grand Prix , where Renault team bosses allegedly ordered Nelson Piquet to crash, handing an advantage to his teammate, Fernando Alonso.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick stated he knew nothing of the reports until the morning following the game, and that he and the team would "cooperate fully" with any investigation.

Brady called the allegation "ridiculous". On January 20, sources reported that 11 of 12 footballs provided by the Patriots were underinflated.

In September a federal judge overturned the suspension, allowing Brady to play the season. A case of corruption and money laundering by officials and associates connected with FIFA, the governing body of association football, futsal and beach soccer.

A controversy in which Collingwood forward Travis Cloke wore a glove to protect two swollen fingers on his right hand during a game against Greater Western Sydney.

A rugby league scandal involving New Zealand players and their family history. Used to describe a controversial sequence of events that took place during the Australian cricket tour of India in The sixth day of the Australian Open featured a long, five-set match between World No.

As a result, the scheduled second match of the session between Lleyton Hewitt and Marcos Baghdatis did not start until just before midnight Australian time, and the match, which also lasted five sets, did not finish until 4: The second match had been delayed initially as a match between Venus Williams and Sania Mirza had to be played out first, as per the schedule.

During the Summer Olympics , US gold-medalist swimmer Ryan Lochte , and 2 teammates, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger, attempted to hide that they had drunkenly caused damage to a gas station bathroom, and then gotten into a belligerent altercation with the security guard, by fabricating the story that they were robbed at gunpoint in Rio.

Lochte is the best-known athlete involved, as well as being widely regarded as the "ringleader" of the scheme, because he and his mother were the ones who elaborated on the lie.

The case became viral on social media sites with the hashtag LochteGate. Football clubs of Italian Serie A were involved in a referee appointment scandal, named after Juventus general manager Luciano Moggi.

In May , Ken Griffey, Jr. Griffey did not deny being asleep and quit the team one month later. The Atlanta Falcons were disciplined for piping in fake crowd noise during home games in and The Pakistan cricket team forfeited the Oval Test Match against England after allegations of ball tampering.

Waltrip later admits they had the part, but it was taken accidentally. Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson was assaulted with a slice of pizza by an unnamed opposition player following a tumultuous league game against Arsenal.

A controversy that arose in June when the Pittsburgh Steelers were found to have practiced in shoulder pads during an off-season period in which such drills were not allowed under NFL rules.

The team was stripped of its third-round selection in the NFL Draft as a penalty. A controversial match in Australian rules football when the umpire failed to hear the final siren, allowing St Kilda to score an extra point and draw the match.

Four days later, the Australian Football League overturned the result and awarded the match to Fremantle. George Illawarra Dragons ended in controversy when the Storm, trailing 22—24, played the ball ten metres out from their line just as the full-time siren went, and from the subsequent play, winger Young Tonumaipea scored the match-winning try which officials the following day said should never have been awarded.

It was later revealed that French judge Marie-Reine Le Gougne had been pressured by Didier Gailhaguet , the head of the French skating federation into voting for the Russians in the pairs competition in exchange for the Russians voting for the French team in the ice dance competition.

As a result, Le Gougne was suspended by the ISU for 3 years and her marks for the long program were thrown out, resulting in a 4—4 split decision.

The creators of the Webby Award-winning documentary Sonicsgate coined this term as the title of their film and video series, which soon became synonymous with the scandal as the definitive historical document on the topic.

Spygate 1 also known as Stepneygate. Allegations of espionage in Formula One racing carried out by members of the McLaren team. Carl Edwards won the race and Truex made the Chase while Newman did not.

In May , Jim Tressel , the head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes football team, resigned amid allegations that he lied in order to cover up activities, including tattoos, undertaken in violation of NCAA rules by players he was coaching.

The theft was investigated by Spanish police but no arrests were made. Evans was also stripped of his team captaincy for one game. The Cleveland Browns and general manager Ray Farmer were disciplined for sending text messages to coaches during games in the season, a violation of NFL rules.

A series of alleged and admitted marital infidelities by golf superstar Tiger Woods. Pareja had to be restrained by his coaching staff. The allegations were never proven, and were widely viewed within the international chess playing community as an act of gamesmanship on the part of Topalov and Danailov, attempting to distract Kramnik at a time when he was ahead in the match.

The Jets suspended Alosi indefinitely for setting up a "wall" on the sideline and claimed that "he acted alone in doing so".

The exchange set off a firestorm on social media , with some fans excoriating the request as sexist and many questioning whether a man would have been asked to twirl.

Antennagate also known as Gripgate. Numerous people reported bent iPhone 6 Plus phones, which was later reported on by Consumer Reports.

International Council on Clean Transportation and West Virginia University caught Volkswagen cheating on emissions tests on about 11 million diesel cars by programming them to enable emissions controls during testing, but not control NO x pollution during real world driving.

Matt Taylor , a Rosetta mission project scientist, wore a homemade shirt at an ESA press conference that caused concern. Anger over reports that the anti-reflective coating appeared to be wearing off several MacBook Pros , including mid to mid models sold between June and present.

Once the stylus was put in backwards, it got stuck and destroyed the sensors that detected stylus removal. An attempt by the Russian pseudoscientist Viktor Petrik and the politician Boris Gryzlov to get a contract for a massive amount of low quality water filters for an inflated price under the guise of cutting-edge new technology.

A controversy about the resolution on the Xbox One console. Some users reported an audible hiss coming from somewhere near the Apple logo of their iPhone 7 during CPU intensive tasks.

The revelation that child pornography was being shared between thousands of Twitter accounts. A phenomenon in the rapid charging of a few electric car models especially Nissan Leaf 2nd generation where the charging speed is greatly reduced due to repeated rapid charging.

Nvidia Graphics Processing Unit GPU chips experienced high failure rates because a design flaw lead to cracked solder bumps.

The Great British Bake Off []. Series 5 , Episode 4: The editing suggested another contestant Diana Beard was responsible for this.

Later, when the contestants had to present their bakes to the judges, Iain presented the bin in which he had discarded his baked Alaska. Season 10 , Episode Season 5 , Episode 6: A newspaper publishes a report which says that the POTUS was called a "cunt" by one of the senior members of her staff.

This leads to the firing of three members of the staff and the issue becoming "Cuntgate". Season 8 , Episode 5: Season 9 , Episode 9: The contestant Valentina initially refuses to remove her mask during the "lip sync for your life".

This incident was referred to as "Maskgate" by viewers. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Season 7 , Episode 4: Season 1 , Episode Daniel sleeps with an underage girl, Petra, and it is up to Betty and Henry to prove her real age.

The character ALF tries to rig the ratings for a Polka dance show to save it from cancellation. Celebrity Big Brother UK.

Roxanne Pallett accused fellow housemate Ryan Thomas of deliberately and repeatedly punching her; she was criticized for over exaggerating the light play fighting and has since called it a "horrible mistake" after leaving the house and seeing the footage.

The main characters set up the character "Star-Burns", who is accused of controlling a chicken finger-laundering scandal. Get Me Out Of Here!

UK series 17 , Episode However, while returning to camp, they decided to eat the treat and pretend that the camp got the question wrong.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Teams rarely handle a football used by the other team except after recovering a fumble or interception.

Tom Brady, along with Peyton Manning , who was quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts in , argued for the rules change for the express purpose of letting quarterbacks use footballs that suited them.

Early reports suggested that the Colts and Baltimore Ravens first suspected that the footballs the Patriots were using in the games against each team might have been deliberately under-inflated to gain an illegal advantage during the NFL regular season , [10] [11] although Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh denied reports concerning the Ravens.

Prior to the game, the Colts had notified the NFL that they suspected the Patriots were under-inflating balls, but provided no specific information.

After the play was over, Jackson handed the ball to the Colts equipment manager for safekeeping as a souvenir. Early reports suggested that Jackson was the first to suspect the ball was deflated, but Jackson said he did not notice anything wrong with the ball he caught.

At halftime, NFL officials inspected the footballs. Former NFL referee Gerry Austin initially, and incorrectly, stated that 11 of the 12 balls used by the Patriots were measured to be two pounds per square inch below the minimum amount, [16] [17] but later reports refuted this allegation, citing only a single ball was two pounds per square inch below the minimum, while others were just a few ticks under the minimum.

According to NFL Senior Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino , referees do not log the pressure of the balls prior to the game, or check during the game, and did not do so in this case.

Walt Anderson , the referee, gauged the footballs. No issues were raised on the pressure of the footballs used in the second half.

The remainder were not measured because, according to the Wells Report, "the officials were running out of time before the start of the second half.

The Patriots led 17—7 at halftime; in the second half, the Patriots scored 28 points for a final score of 45—7. The National Football League began an investigation into the under-inflation of the game balls.

On January 22, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick indicated that he did not know anything about the balls being under-inflated until the day after the event, and that the New England Patriots would "cooperate fully" with any investigation.

When I came in Monday morning, I was shocked to hear about the news reports about the footballs. I had no knowledge of the situation until Monday morning.

They know a lot more than I do. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady initially referred to the accusations as "ridiculous". He denied any involvement and stated that the National Football League had not contacted him in regard to their investigation.

HeadSmart Labs found that similar weather changes caused an average 1. On January 27, an anonymous league source stated that the investigation was focusing on a Patriots locker room attendant who was seen on surveillance video taking the 24 game footballs 12 from each team into a restroom for approximately 90 seconds.

Blandino confirmed on January 29 that the NFL checks, but does not log, the pregame pressure of each football, and therefore is no record of where in the We put 13 in every ball.

They are going to be hard. Additional details released by the NFL on February 1 confirmed that only one of the twelve balls was under pressured by two psi, and that many balls were under pressured by "just a few ticks".

The investigation also found that officials noticed during the game that a game ball was missing, and two different officials handed replacement balls to a Patriots equipment manager.

One of those officials was reportedly fired from the NFL for selling game balls for personal profit, though the NFL denied this claim. During that game, Colts strong safety Mike Adams intercepted two passes thrown by Tom Brady… the intercepted footballs appeared to be coated in a tacky substance and seemed spongy or soft when squeezed.

Rather, they wanted to see an investigator without ties to the NFL appointed to investigate this scandal. The investigation concluded that it was "more probable than not" that New England Patriots equipment personnel were deliberately circumventing the rules.

The report concludes it was "more probable than not" that the two deliberately released air from Patriots game balls after they were tested by game officials.

In several texts between Jastremski and McNally, the two mention and joke about inflation, deflation, needles, and gifts from Tom Brady to McNally.

Tom Brady was a constant reference point in these discussions. McNally referred to himself as "the deflator" in a text message to Jastremski as far back as May The Wells Report relied on scientific analysis performed by Exponent and supported by Dr.

Daniel Marlow, a professor of Physics at Princeton University. This analysis concluded that no studied factors accounted for the loss of air pressure exhibited by the Patriots game balls.

Appendix 1, 63—68 Several conjectured sources of variability differences in game use, alleged "vigorous rubbing" by the Patriots before play, leakage during the game, and variations in football volume can be set aside as they have no discernible effect.

Based on documented habit, as well as the recollections of referee Walt Anderson, the Patriots balls were as usual set around Wells estimates that the Patriots balls had 2—4 minutes to re-pressurize before measurements began; the measurements themselves spanned an estimated 4—5 minutes.

During halftime, the referees used two gauges on each ball: The Logo Gauge appears to consistently run at least 0. Appendix 1, 45 non-Logo gauge, but both were determined to be extremely consistent and precise.

In particular, the Logo gauge is inaccurate it runs high but is precise it consistently runs high by the same amount every time , and therefore can be used as additional confirmation that the non-Logo measurement is correct with the exception of Colts ball 3, below.

Wells believes that Blakeman and NFL Official Dyrol Prioleau used the Non-Logo and Logo gauges respectively in the Patriots halftime tests, and that the two of them switched gauges with each other for the Colts halftime test.

Even with the combined effect of wet vs. The Exponent science report concluded that no credible environmental or physical factors within the game characteristics fully explain the additional loss of pressure in the Patriots footballs relative to the Colts footballs.

Below are the halftime football measurements, by team and referee: Exponent believes the measurements for Colts ball 3 involve some sort of transcription error by the original NFL transcriber, as it is only row that reverses the usual Logo vs.

Following the release of the report many commentators [ who? It never happened," is, in the words of Nocera, "utterly convincing. On May 7, when asked to comment on the report, Brady stated that he had no reaction since the report was 30 hours old, he was still "digesting the report", and he hoped to comment more fully in the future.

On May 12, lead author Ted Wells defended the report, indicating text messages between Patriots game-day employees Jim McNally and John Jastremski about Brady were more than circumstantial evidence to implicate Brady.

On May 14, attorney Daniel L. Goldberg prepared a document rebutting specific charges made in the Wells Report, [47] citing Nobel Prize winning scientist Roderick MacKinnon , who has financial ties to Robert Kraft.

In June , the American Enterprise Institute , a conservative think tank utilizing the ideal gas law as a basis for their report, [50] released an independent scientific analysis that concluded that the Wells Report was "deeply flawed" and that "[i]t is The NFL responded that timing still could not explain the pressure declines.

On August 26, , self-described Patriots fan Robert F. Young posted online a letter he sent to the judge reviewing the Tom Brady suspension.

The judge posted the letter to the official court docket on September 10, The Wall Street Journal reported on Mr. The letter summarized how it claimed the Exponent appendix to the Wells report provides sufficient proof of the deception and that the fundamental conclusion that the Patriots ball pressure could not be explained by science was a lie on the part of Exponent.

On August 26, , Robert F. Young posted online the page amicus brief that he sent to the court. Berman posted the brief to the official court docket on September 9, and it was subsequently noted and linked to by the Wall Street Journal on September 17, The brief examined each reason given by Exponent for not believing the ref regarding the question of which gauge had been used pre-game, arguing why Exponent would not have actually believed each reason it gave.

It noted that with the more generally agreed timing assumption of the Colts balls having been tested at the last minute, the Exponent experimental simulation data was inconsistent with disbelieving the ref and consistent with believing the ref.

Combining the above it argued that the Exponent work, when properly understood, shows that to the best that can be known by the science known to Exponent, the evidence proves that no air was improperly removed from the Patriots footballs.

On August 30, , Robert F. Young posted a pictorial summary of the issues mentioned in his amicus brief. The summary included experimental data from Patriots fan Mike Greenway, not part of the brief, showing that even a dry bag, partially open, was sufficient to slow warming of even a football in the top of the bag by 2.

The op-ed mentions that the "expert accusers" Exponent ignored the effect of the balls having remained in the bag on game day. The op-ed linked to Robert F.

In addition to that, the picture also showed that the NFL measured the 2 needles at different spots to make the smaller needle appear longer.

According to Blecker, the different needle sizes resulted in one gauge reading at a constant measure of about 0. On November 25, , MIT professor John Leonard posted a lecture on YouTube titled " Taking the Measure of Deflategate " in which he explains why he believes the Exponent portion of the Wells Report contains technical failures that caused the report to incorrectly conclude that footballs were deflated.

An abridged version of the lecture is available here. The decision was expected after Goodell said at the spring owners meetings that he looked forward to hearing directly from Brady.

In a letter to the union, Goodell cited his responsibility under the labor agreement to "serve as hearing officer in any appeal involving conduct detrimental to the integrity of the game.

District Judge Richard M. Chief Judge Robert A. Katzmann, Judge Barrington D. Parker and Judge Denny Chin will preside. Brady files an appeal for a second hearing by the Second Circuit U.

Court of Appeals in regard to his four-game suspension. It has been days since Deflategate started. Brady announces he will not appeal his four-game Deflategate suspension to the U.

Breaking down Super Bowl rosters by college affiliation 1d Kyle Bonagura. An odd couple with unbreakable bond 1d Lindsey Thiry.

Why pass-rushers should worry 19h Kevin Seifert. Can the Brady-less Patriots still contend? Jul 15, ESPN.

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Patriots under fire in 'deflategate' scandal Retrieved July 29, English to many other countries and languages. Olympic swimmers alleged robbery, so far". Use of the "-gate" suffix has spread beyond U. Retrieved December 16, Archived from the original on Retrieved June 27, Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. As early as September he wrote of "Vietgate", a proposed pardon of the Spil casino criminals and Wetter in stendal 14 tage War draft spieleinstand. Grigson declined further comment after saying he was casino meme doing his job to ensure a level playing field. Retrieved from " https: This label has been given to the attempt to corrupt the process of selecting the mayor of Jurmala, a wealthy sea-side resort in Latvia. After stating that she tennis frankreich this intrusive, several opponents sent her hate mail including death threats.

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